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iPhone Dev Secrets Review
by Scott Parker

There are already millions of smart phone users around the world, but the fact is that this technology has just started to penetrate the market. It has been believed that the full realization of the smart phone’s potential will take about five to ten years. Experts in the industry also believe that it’s a profitable idea to join in the bandwagon as early as possible. Since the sales volume of smart phones consistently increases, the demand for iPhone and iPad app development services is predicted to skyrocket in the coming years.

Course Overview

The iPhone Dev Secrets promises to bring about significant changes in the skills of aspiring iPhone application developers. This complete course offers a step-by-step guide on how to make iPad or iPhone apps and games to those who have limited skills on iPhone apps, and even to those who have no programming experience.  

Who’s Behind the Product

The iPhone Dev Secrets was created by Mike, a successful iPhone apps and games developer who raked in $63,896.21 in just a single month for the iPhone apps and games he created. He confessed he had no apps programming experience six months prior to his huge success in iPhone apps industry. He offers this course to help beginners obtain the same success the easy way and bypass the frustrating learning curve that he went through.

Product Guarantee

The creator of iPhone Dev Secrets is completely confident that this course will work for you even if you don’t have basic programming skills, as it already worked for many individuals who now consider themselves as iPhone apps developers. He even offers a one-month trial for just $1 to anyone who wants to initially join the course. If you take advantage of the full training and find out within 60 days that the training is not that helpful, Mike offers a money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

What You Get

When you decide to join the iPhone Dev Secrets training, you get a 4-week course on how to create your own iPhone or iPad apps and games and how to earn from your creation. For each week of the course, there are around 8 to 13 comprehensive videos and PDF files for you to follow along. The 4-week training covers the following:

Week 1: Market Research, Audience, Ideas for the Apps
Week 2: Start Coding
Week 3: Integration of More Complex Programs
Week 4: Submitting and Getting Approval from Apple and How to Market Your Apps

What I Like

What I like about iPhone Dev Secrets is the very straightforward guide that’s so easy to follow even for those without basic programming experience. It teaches you how to use every software tool for developing an application, making it a more worthwhile investment than spending thousands of dollars on a classroom apps programming course. How this course extensively covers the current trends in game development is simply amazing. It’s true that creating your own apps without knowing the market trends takes a lot of guesswork and hardwork which will more likely end up to nothing. I also like how this training helps learners get into a very hot market and attain success in the iPhone apps industry.

What I Don’t Like

What I don’t like about the iPhone Dev Secrets is that the course is not that helpful for established iPhone application programmers. Experts in the field of iPhone apps and games can’t find anything new in this course. However, for the iPhone apps geeks not yet earning thousands of dollars monthly, the guide on how to promote and market the apps and games in the 4th week of the course is very valuable.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. The iPhone Dev Secrets is a very straightforward training program created for those who want to get into iPhone apps industry and earn a large amount of money even without basic knowledge of apps programming. There are other courses out there that offer the same training for $800 to $2,997. The iPhone Dev Secrets course costs less than a hundred dollars, and the one-month trial of $1 is really great! What’s more, this course offers a money-back guarantee so there’s no harm in trying this training. The creator limits the iPhone Dev Secrets trial program to 300 individuals so don’t be left behind. Try this course now by going to iPhone Dev Secrets website.